August 15, 2022
Noisy AC in Midlothian, VA

Central air conditioners contain an evaporator unit, an air handler, and a big outdoor unit that houses a compressor. Every time your AC begins a cooling cycle, there are a variety of mechanical sounds produced. Nonetheless, squeaking from an AC unit is unusual. It is usually an indication of a mechanical problem in the air handler components or the compressor.

Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Squeaking

There are several possible reasons why your air conditioner produces a squeaking noise. In most cases, the unusual sounds are caused by a mechanical problem. The following are some of the common issues that make your AC produce this symptom.

Motor Malfunction

One of the most common causes of a squeaking sound is a malfunction in the compressor’s motor. A malfunction is normally caused by worn-out bearings, damaged coil fins, a lack of lubrication, or bent fan blades. Debris like fallen sticks inside the compressor can also cause squeaking noises.

Air Handler Issues

Problems with the air handler can also cause a loud squeaking sound. In this scenario, the air handler doesn’t stop running immediately after the compressor goes off.

If the squeaking sound continues even after the compressor has stopped running, then it means the problem is in the air handler. It is important to have your AC unit checked by HVAC professionals. If you’re located in the vicinity of Midlothian, reach out to us at Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. as soon as you notice any unusual sounds. Our technicians can sort it out.

Other Possible Causes

There are also several other reasons why your outdoor or indoor unit is producing a squeaking sound. The compressor of the outdoor unit might not be working properly. The fan of the outdoor unit could also be malfunctioning because the bearings in its motor are shot.

Similarly, the blower motor of the indoor unit could be old and dysfunctional. It’s also possible that the belt of the indoor unit is misaligned, slipping, or worn completely out. All of these issues require professional attention.

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