Heat Pump Services in Goochland County, VA You need the occasional heat pump repair in Goochland County, VA because otherwise, you won’t have warm air in the winter. Fortunately, heat pumps do tend to give off signs that they’re in trouble. Knowing when to request repair (or to opt for heat pump installation instead) requires the help of a professional from Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp..

    Goochland County Heat Pump Repair

    While any heat pump makes some clicking noise when it starts up, it shouldn’t make persistent noises or abnormal noises like banging, grinding, hissing, and gurgling. A grinding noise may indicate a bad motor bearing, banging noises may point to loose metal parts, and gurgling may signify low refrigerant, which in turn may mean the line is leaking somewhere.

    If there are bad odors, in particular mildew-like odors, this sign should alert you to an internal problem with the heat pump or the vents that is most likely dirt buildup. Performance-wise, a heat pump in need of repairs may start to short-cycle, or it may leave certain rooms warm or blow out lukewarm air altogether.

    Goochland County Heat Pump Repair Once you know that something is wrong, it is time to have a technician from Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. come over and put a name to the problem. You’ll receive an estimate of whatever repair is needed so that you can make an informed decision.

    It’s really important to know when to repair and when to replace a heat pump, but several factors can help you make this decision.
    • The age of your heat pump
    • The cost of the repair
    • How much your utility bill is
    • The usefulness of new heat pump technology

    Heat pumps can last 15 or 20 years, but if they’re poorly maintained or if they run in extremely hot or cold climates, they may only go for 10 years. Take note of your system’s age and level of wear. Discuss with the technician whether a costly repair, such as a motor replacement, is worth it when a brand-new heat pump installation might save you money in the long run. A new system can be more energy-efficient, lower your energy bill, and provide you with the benefits of smart home technology.

    Goochland County Heat Pump Installation

    At Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp., we can fix any make or model of a heat pump. Established in 1954, our company has brought together a team of technicians. Our office is located in Midlothian, just off the Midlothian Turnpike on Grove Road. You can expect a fast response from us; we’re even available 24/7 for emergencies. If you decide to replace your heat pump, after all, we’re a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, but we can present you with high-quality products from any company.

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