Daniel’s Comfort Plan

    Most of us do not realize that our heating and air conditioning system operates approximately 3300 hours per year. To put this “run time” in perspective, a car driven for the same hours at 65 miles per hour would travel 214,500 miles. No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication, and routine service along the way to assure the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle.

    Your home heating and air conditioning system serves you many more hours than your car, and, like your car, needs routine service to operate in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner. Which would create a healthier environment for your FAMILY TO LIVE IN.

    Annual maintenance of your HVAC system is important and may be required to maintain uninterrupted warranty coverage.

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    Preventative maintenance delivers several benefits:
    • Regular maintenance keeps the system running at peak efficiency and increases the lifetime of the equipment.
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Standard Limited Warranty and extended warranty may be void without routine maintenance.
    • We Appreciate You and Thank You for your past business and we are excited to offer you, Daniel’s Comfort Plan!

    Why Choose Daniel’s Comfort Plan:

      WE guarantee service within 24 hours for all Heating and Cooling service calls. (All accounts must be current for service to be rendered.)
      The length of this Plan is one (1) year and it will automatically renew upon the anniversary date unless we are notified of cancellation in writing 30 days prior. Should you sell your home within the coverage period, the Agreement will automatically transfer to the new owners. (Less stress on the New Owners… Just Call Daniel’s).
      Regular maintenance is critical for your heating & a/c system operate at peak performance. Think what you do to maintain your vehicle.
    • The last thing you want to happen is to have your A/C fail on the hottest day of the year, or have your furnace stall in the middle of a storm.
    • A clean, properly maintained HVAC system can save on energy costs. Just think, the energy savings will more than pay for the agreement.
    • On average, 67% of all emergency trouble calls are a result of not having a maintenance.
    • Dirty, non-maintained equipment can cause dust mites, poor indoor air quality, soiling of grilles, walls, furniture and health problems.
    • Daniel’s is focused on providing the very highest level of service. We believe in providing products and service that we are comfortable using within our own homes.
    • We will send you an electronically e-mail reminder to schedule your maintenance, if we have your e-mail address on file. For customers who do not have an e-mail address, we will call your home, and mail a postcard to schedule your maintenance.
    What’s Included in Daniel’s Comfort Plan?
    • Clean or replace standard air filters (customer-supplied).
    • All filters, humidifier, condensate pumps, oil systems and UV bulbs will be an additional charge.
    • Inspect inside cooling coil and clean at discounted service rate if necessary.
    • Inspect condenser coil and perform light cleaning if necessary.
    • Any heavy cleaning (with chemicals) will be charged at a reduced rate.
    • Inspect primary and secondary drains, clean and test as needed.
    • We do not warranty condensate leaks.
    • Inspect blower components – clean at a discounted service rate if necessary.
    • Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable).
    • Inspect and tighten all loose electrical connections.
    • Monitor air conditioner operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge.
    • Inspect heat strips.
    • Inspect heat exchanger and burners – vacuum and/or adjust as necessary.
    • Adjust gas pressure as necessary.
    • Inspect & test safety controls.
    • Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise.
    • Inspect thermostat operations.
    • Remove debris from condensing unit.
    • Monitor voltage and amperage on all motors.
    • Monitor air conditioner and heating cycles.
    • Inspect pilot operation-adjust as necessary.
    • Monitor flue draft for safe operation.

    Please call Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. at (804) 379-1155 and we will advise you of the plan that fits your heating and cooling equipment, and, we can schedule your first maintenance service and start saving you MONEY.