April 5, 2021
Energy Efficiency

Curtains are responsible for over 30% of heating costs in many homes. The crevices in your windows result in heat loss during winter and unnecessary heat gain in the summer. That is why thick curtains touching the floor will help save energy. They insulate your home against adverse temperatures and can be a cost-effective way of reducing utility bills.

What Are Energy-Efficient Curtains?

Also known as thermal curtains, they are thick, heavy fabrics with acrylic foam layers to insulate the room. The insulation prevents air from escaping or entering through the windows. If you live in a warm area, you may assume that energy-efficient curtains are unnecessary, which is not the case. Preventing heat from entering the house on a hot day is crucial for preventing heat from leaving the room on a cold day. Since the curtains are available in various lengths, fabrics, and colors, their prices vary.

How Do Energy-Efficient Curtains Work?

They are window treatments designed to fit the size and shape of the panes. The air layer between the windows and the curtains is heated by your HVAC system, thus acting as a buffer to maintain the room’s temperature. If you live in Goochland County and the surrounding areas, consider investing in energy-efficient curtains to reduce your cooling and heating bills.

How to Choose the Best Energy-Efficient Curtains

Consider the fabric used to line the curtains if you want them to efficiently prevent heat loss and heat gain. Curtains with heavy-weight and mid-weight spongy linings are ideal because they will insulate your home through all the seasons. If your goal is to prevent heat gain in the summer, go for curtains with light-colored solar backing. Dark colors absorb heat, unlike light colors that reflect heat. If the lining is light-colored, it will keep your home cool. Remember to measure the windows before buying the fabrics because they should cover every inch of the panes.

Installing energy-efficient curtains is not enough to reduce heat gain or heat loss; you should do so correctly. If you need help with getting the best energy-efficient curtains, contact Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. in Midlothian, VA, and we will be glad to help. We also offer installation, replacement, and repair services for your heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, geothermal systems, furnace, and water heating equipment. If you live in Goochland County and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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