January 19, 2023
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You may wonder why the air in your home starts feeling heavier in the winter. You may feel like it is harder to breathe, you could sneeze more, or your skin itches. These issues are symptoms of poor indoor air quality in the colder months. So, why does this happen in the winter?

No Airflow

If you have a more modern home, then the windows and doors in your home are probably sealed tight. There are also well-insulated areas in your home, so it is hard for there to be airflow in your home. With a little fresh air flowing in and out of your home, you will start to notice a lower level of indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality happens more in the winter because there is less fresh air in the home as we are trying to keep it warm.

Issues With Humidity

Humidity is a big problem when it comes to indoor air quality. If the air starts getting cooler, then the humidity in the air starts to dissipate. You may notice that you use more lotion, drink more water, and have more allergies in the winter. These issues may all be because the humidity in your home is too low. On the other hand, you may also have humidity levels that are too high because you have humidifiers running too much, and it starts causing mold or mildew problems.

Buidup of Dander and Allergens

If there is dander and dust that lingers and you spend more time at home when it is cold outside, then the air quality will be poor. It is a good rule to clean more often if you are home more often to help keep allergens controlled.

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