July 20, 2022
AC Compressor problemsin Midlothian, VA

AC compressor problems aren’t uncommon, especially when you overlook preventative maintenance. These issues often require professional attention, so it’s best to avoid repairing an AC compressor without the pros. Preventive AC maintenance is vital to keeping the compressor in great shape and preventing most of these problems. Also, prompt repairs are necessary as soon as you notice a faulty compressor to avoid costly replacements.

Faulty Cooling

Faulty cooling happens when the AC compressor is sluggish or air fails to come out even when you turn on the compressor. Cooling problems often arise when the compressor is worn-out or loose. You need a certified service technician to check the compressor if you notice cooling problems and fix the issue.

Compressor Burnout

This problem usually happens when the air conditioner’s electrical system is faulty. Any damage to the motor’s wiring causes a short or burnout between the steel parts of the motor and the compressor. Your air conditioning unit won’t start if the compressor experiences this problem. You can reduce the chances of experiencing a burned-out compressor by regularly inspecting the AC unit’s electrical system.

Lubricant Level Problems

The lubricant is your compressor’s blood. Inadequate lubricant levels can cause several issues, including compressor failure. Compressor replacement can be costly, so it’s best to maintain the correct lubricant levels. Regular maintenance gives an HVAC technician the chance to check and refill lubricant levels to save your compressor from failing.

Starting Problems

If your AC unit has difficulties starting, the compressor could be the culprit. A faulty compressor motor might be why the system fails to start. Sometimes the insulation that protects the compressor motor windings wears out, causing the motor to burn out, which might require a costly replacement. Avoid DIY repairs if you have compressor starting problems to avoid the risk of further damaging the component or air conditioner.

Hire professional assistance if you encounter any of these AC compressor problems. Our experts have been helping the residents of Goochland County and the surrounding areas with cooling repairs and installations for several years. We also specialize in boilers, water heaters, and indoor air quality services. Call Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. to schedule an affordable repair appointment today.

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