February 20, 2023
Furnace in Midlothian, VA

Before you choose a boiler for your Midlothian, VA home, you should be familiar with the available boiler options. You want to know what they bring in terms of pros and cons, energy efficiency, and longevity.

Types of Boilers

Several types of boilers are available on the market, with the most common designs being the combi, system, conventional, biomass, condensing, and oil boilers. Combi boilers are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient models. In one appliance, they offer two functions: water and space heating.

When a combi boiler heats the water in your home, the heated water in the boiler is not what travels through the hot water supply in your home’s plumbing system. Instead, the water heated by the boiler travels through a pipe that enters your tankless water heater. This heats the water that is distributed to your home.

What Makes a Boiler Efficient?

The efficiency of your boiler is defined as the difference between the amount of energy needed to operate the boiler and the amount of energy it produces. An Energy Star-certified boiler will have an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 87% or higher if it burns oil or a 90% rating if it is a gas boiler.

These boilers can achieve this efficiency because they have features like electronic ignition, which eliminates having a pilot light constantly burning. Newer combustion technologies let these units pull more heat from the same amount of fuel than older units could. Additionally, sealed combustion takes advantage of outside air to fuel the burner. This minimizes drafts, reduces safety issues, and makes the unit more efficient.

Choose HVAC Professionals With Comprehensive Knowledge

At Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp., we are proud to have a team of skilled professionals that can handle your heating and cooling needs in Midlothian and the surrounding area. Our technicians are NATE-certified and have been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our services include HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We offer install water heaters and sheet metal products in commercial and residential settings. Contact Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. today and learn more about our highly rated services.

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