September 20, 2023
Furnace maintenance in Midlothian, VA

Caring for the furnace in your Midlothian, VA home entails far more than regularly checking and changing its filter. To extend its lifespan, ensure its efficiency, and prevent small issues from spiraling out of control, you should have your furnace professionally maintained annually. Annual maintenance service will extend the lifespan of your heating equipment while ensuring safe, reliable operation.

What Your Furnace Manufacturer Has to Say About Maintenance

The recommendation for annual furnace maintenance comes from both HVAC professionals and furnace manufacturers alike. However, furnace manufacturers also make this a mandatory requirement for maintaining the coverage provided by their equipment warranties. If your furnace is less than five years old, it’s likely still covered by its manufacturer’s warranty. Skipping this service could result in claims denials when repair or replacement issues arise. It can also cause this warranty and other relevant protections from your home insurance policy or your home service agreement to be voided outright.

Furnace Safety and Professional Maintenance

Annual maintenance does a lot of wonderful things for your heating system. For instance, fuel-burning furnaces can convert more of the fuel that they use into heat energy following tune-ups, and absent of built-up debris, all furnaces are less likely to overheat. However, one of the greatest benefits of scheduling furnace service each year is enhanced heating system safety.

Professional maintenance services include comprehensive inspections of furnace venting systems. These ensure that harmful exhaust gases like carbon monoxide are being routed out of the home rather than partially or fully back-drafting into your living space. HVAC technicians also check all of a furnace’s electrical connections and take other steps to identify, resolve, and prevent electrical safety hazards.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

The best time to have your furnace professionally maintained is just before winter starts. Doing so will limit your risk of experiencing a heating emergency when outside temperatures plummet. It will also improve your indoor air quality and limit your repair costs throughout the season.

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