February 8, 2021
Window Efficiency

If you’re losing too much heated or cooled air through your windows, you don’t have to replace them. There are ways to make existing windows more energy efficient, which can save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Seal Gaps

It’s often the case that windows aren’t sealed properly, especially older ones. This lets air easily travel between your home and the outdoors. This problem can be easily and cheaply fixed.

You can’t always see gaps around your windows. One way to spot them is to hold up a stick of incense near them and watch where the smoke flows. When you find leaks, seal them with either caulk or weather stripping. Your windows will instantly be more efficient.

Replace the Window Frame

It’s cheaper to replace old, leaky window frames than to buy a whole new window. Look for frames with a Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) of 5 for the most efficient one.

Install Window Film

You can buy energy-efficient window film to upgrade your windows. The film prevents both convection and conduction, both of which result in heat exchanges between indoor and outdoor air. If you buy solar control window film, it reduces the amount of heat in your home caused by the sun.

Install Double Glazing

A double glazed window has two layers of glass with an air gap between them. This goes a long way toward preventing outdoor air from entering your home and indoor air from escaping. You can add a layer of glass to an existing window, which is less expensive than buying new double-paned ones.

Buy New Window Coverings

You can purchase new blinds or curtains to cover your windows. These block drafts, while heavy ones, also prevent the sun from shining in.

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