December 20, 2021
Filter in a home in Midlothian, VA

Nothing’s worse than coming home on a cold day to find your heating system is blowing cold air. Fortunately, the problem could be quite minor. Sometimes, it’s even something you can fix yourself. However, some issues are more serious and require the service of a professional heating technician. Here are some of the most common reasons your furnace could be blowing cold air.

Dead Thermostat Battery

If you’ve had your thermostat for a number of years and have never changed the battery, this might be the problem. Put in a fresh battery to see if that fixes things

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Have you checked your thermostat settings? It’s possible someone bumped it or changed it from auto to on or from heat to cool. If that’s the case, make adjustments as necessary and you should be comfortable in no time.

Out of Fuel

Is your furnace fueled by propane? Perhaps the tank is empty. Double-check to see if you’ve run out.

System Reset Required

Sometimes your heating system may just need to be turned off and turned back on again. Your problem could be as easy as this if you have a newer furnace with an electronic control panel.

Extinguished Pilot Light

Older furnaces often have a continuous pilot light. Yours could easily get blown out by a nearby burst of air. You can re-ignite it yourself if you’re comfortable doing so. Otherwise, it’s best to call a professional.

Clogged Air Filter

If you haven’t had your heating system cleaned lately or replaced your air filter, your furnace might overheat. When this happens, the burner shuts down. Your furnace then only blows cold air. Try changing the filter and cleaning things out.

Contact a Trusted Professional

These are just a handful of common causes of a furnace blowing cold air. If you need help figuring out the cause of your issues, contact us. Our professional technicians at Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. can help Goochland County residents with a variety of heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation jobs.

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