April 18, 2022

Does It Matter Where I Place My Thermostat?

For your thermostat to get an accurate reading of the temperature in your home, where it is placed is important. If you place it in the wrong spot, your home may get too warm or cold. Follow these rules to get accurate readings.

Height Matters

Warm air rises, so how high you place the thermostat on the wall matters. It should be between 52 and 60 inches above the floor.

Don’t Place You Thermostat in Sunlight

If sunlight hits your thermostat, it will think your home is much warmer than it is. You should place it in an area that never gets direct sunlight. Inaccurate readings will make your home uncomfortable and cost you money on your energy bills.

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Don’t Place the Thermostat Near a Supply Register

Your thermostat shouldn’t be placed where a supply register blows air on it. The temperature readings will be inaccurate whenever your heater or air conditioner is operating. Keep it in an area where it can read the ambient room temperature of your home.

Don’t Place Your Thermostat Near a Door or Window

Your thermostat should be placed far away from a door or window. Doors and windows can be drafty and cause inaccurate readings. This is especially true when doors or windows are opened.

Put Your Thermostat in a Living Area

Thermostats shouldn’t be placed in a hallway. A thermostat should be placed in a room where you spend much of your time, such as the family room. By placing it in a living area, these rooms of your home will be the most comfortable.

Place Your Thermostat on the First Floor

If you live in a multi-story home, place the thermostat on the first floor. Heat rises, so a thermostat placed on an upper floor may read temperatures incorrectly.

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