August 10, 2021
AC Tips in Midlothian, VA

A professional AC installation is necessary for the long-term performance of your system. In this article, we will examine some of the factors a technician has to take into account before installation.

The Size of Your Home and Location

During the installation process, every component of your home’s cooling system should be reviewed. Upgrading some parts without considering their implications can diminish your system’s overall performance. Consequently, the initial evaluation has to consider your cooling needs from a whole-house perspective.

A technician will determine the capacity by taking measurements of the interior. AC technicians have the requisite training to identify all the variables that could impact the system’s performance. At Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp., we have a team of EPA- and NCI-certified experts who can reliably assess your home in Midlothian and recommend the best solution.

Choosing a Suitable Site for Your AC and Thermostat

It is also essential for the installation team to pick a suitable site. Ideally, it should be a location that is free from vibrations or excessive movements. Elements of the weather can also impact the comfort of your home and the performance of the AC.

Additionally, the thermostat must be placed away from ambient heat sources. A technician will calibrate the device to ensure temperature readings are accurate. Precise temperature readings will reduce the power demands on your system.

Determining Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

If you have occupants with respiratory problems or allergies, you may want to consider air quality solutions. Indoor air quality equipment could increase your home comfort and the AC’s performance. A dehumidifier can help you manage humidity in your home to prevent damage to valuable items.

Before installation, our AC professionals will examine your ductwork. Ductwork can contribute to indoor air pollution and increase power consumption. Your current system might require repairs. It may even be advisable to opt for a new installation.

Consider Energy-Efficient Options

A certified technician can help you explore the different types of AC equipment that utilize a variety of technologies. You could opt for a split system or a heat pump. You should consider a replacement if your current system is over ten years old or it has a SEER rating below 10.

Working With Building and Safety Codes

An AC professional has to observe safety and local code regulations during installation. The code requires clearance around the unit to allow access for cleaning and servicing. There are also requirements for wiring, refrigerant, etc.

If you are looking for dependable AC replacement solutions in Midlothian, don’t hesitate to call Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp.. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, and our team can handle virtually all brands and models of equipment. In fact, we perform heating, cooling and indoor air quality installation, maintenance and repair as well water heater services and sheet metal work. Call us today for more information.

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