September 17, 2021
Furnace Replacement in Midlothian

While Midlothian, VA, has moderate winters, you’ll still need a furnace to ensure comfort and well-being in your home. A typical furnace’s lifespan is about 20 years. If yours is at or close to this age, it’s time to consider a replacement. You may also want to proactively replace your furnace if you notice any of these four signs.

1. Frequent Breakdowns and Costly Fixes

As furnaces get older, parts wear out. The repairs will get more frequent and more expensive as you continue using an aging system. You may replace the burners one month only to have the heat exchanger crack the next month. If a repair costs more than one-third the price of a replacement, a new furnace is a wise economic choice.

2. Soaring Energy Costs

Old furnaces don’t heat as efficiently as they did when they were new. If your utility costs are on the rise, but you didn’t tinker with the thermostat, your furnace could be inefficient. Installing a new furnace with a higher annual fuel utilization efficiency rating could save you money every month.

3. Unusual Sounds and Smells

Furnaces on the brink of a serious malfunction deliver certain signs of the problem. Unusual sounds, such as banging and grinding, are key indicators that an old furnace is ready to fail. If you smell gas, a burning odor, or a chemical smell, this is an emergency that requires prompt attention and a possible furnace replacement.

4. Poor Temperature Control

Aging furnaces don’t do as good of a job at maintaining consistent temperatures. Some rooms in your home might be too cold or too hot. Your home’s indoor air quality may also drop as your furnace ages.

Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. is Midlothian’s trusted furnace installation team. We’re also available for heat pump and air conditioning installations. Our heating and cooling maintenance and repair services keep your home safe and comfortable. We’re also proud to offer water heaters, indoor air quality solutions, sheet metal fabrication, and maintenance plans. For more information about when to replace your furnace, contact us today.

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