December 3, 2020

You heard that furnace maintenance would be a good idea but are wondering what it will cover. That will depend, of course, on who you hire for the job. The following should serve as an accurate outline.

The Inspection

The inspection is the main part of a furnace tune-up. Technicians will inspect all major components, including the blower components, heat exchanger, burner assembly and heat strips. They will check the electrical wiring to see if connections are loose, which can pose a fire hazard. They also look for dirt on components, which can easily reduce energy efficiency and put wear on a system.

Various Tests

Several tests can clue technicians in on a problem. They may test gas flow in and out of the gas valve and test the flame sensor and safety controls. Airflow testing is another important step, where technicians measure the amount of air going into the return vents and out of the supply vents. This can determine if you need airflow balancing.

Repairs and Adjustments

Airflow balancing and gas pressure adjustments are two of many adjustments that could be covered in a tune-up. You may also find out your thermostat has been off in its temperature readings, in which case technicians will likely calibrate it. They may also tighten loose connections, replace old wiring, lubricate the motor, balance the blower wheel and clean dirty components.

At Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp., we perform repair and maintenance work in Midlothian, VA. If you sign up for our Comfort Plan, you can get discounts on certain services such as heavy cleaning jobs. We can replace air filters, too, if you supply the new one.

Providing Maintenance Since 1954

You can feel confident hiring Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. for a furnace tune-up because we have many years of experience, an A+ rating with the BBB, and certification from the National Comfort Institute. Besides maintaining heating and AC systems, we tackle repairs and installations. We even deal in air purification systems and install tanked and tankless water heaters. To learn more about our services, call us today.

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