October 20, 2020

Your air conditioning unit at home may stop working altogether or at least fail to deliver the results you are looking for. When this happens, it is important to diagnose and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Doing so on time helps detect and prevent further damage to your air conditioning unit. It also prevents the cost of repairs from escalating. Here is a deeper look at the common HVAC troubleshooting tips to follow.

Inconsistent Airflow

Inconsistent airflow is often associated with a clogged air filter or blocked vents that constrain airflow. Any obstruction on your air conditioning unit’s ductwork will also cause the system to stop blowing air as expected. The first area to check is the air filter to determine whether there is any debris blocking airflow. You should also check the registers for any blockages and possibly inspect the pipes for rodents and other debris that may be dislodged.

Furnace Always on

Your air conditioning unit’s furnace is designed to turn on and off, depending on your temperature settings on the thermostat. Sometimes, the furnace may not stop running even when the temperature setting on the thermostat is low. When this happens, the first place to look is whether the thermostat is functioning correctly. If the furnace does not turn off even at the lowest temperature setting, the chances are that your thermostat is not communicating effectively with the furnace.

Irregular Sounds From the Fan

Any irregular sounds when the blower unit of your HVAC equipment is running could be an indication that the fan is damaged. Sometimes, this problem is associated with a broken or twisted fan blade that causes the fan to wobble when running. The most likely fix for this problem is replacing the entire fan unit.

Experiencing an air conditioning system failure is quite a common occurrence in your home or office. Should you run into a problem with your HVAC unit in the Goochland or Midlothian, VA, area, you may need to call an expert for a comprehensive fix. Contact Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. today, and get your HVAC problem fixed. We provide heating, cooling, indoor air quality, sheet metal and water heater services.

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