November 16, 2020

Many people use a space heater to heat a room in the winter instead of warming their whole home. It’s critically important to be cautious with them, though, as they cause over 20,000 fires a year in the United States.

Don’t Use a Power Strip

You should never plug a space heater into a power strip. They have to be plugged directly into a wall outlet with no other device using it. Property and lives are lost every year because a space heater causes a power strip to overheat and cause a fire.

Check the Space Heater for Damage

You should regularly inspect a space heater for damage. The plug and power cord shouldn’t be worn, damaged, frayed, or loose. If there is damage, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Test Smoke Alarms

Make sure your smoke alarms are always in good working order. Test them regularly and replace their batteries every six months. You should have smoke alarms throughout your home, especially in bedrooms. Smoke detectors protect you if there is a fire in your home caused by any source.

Buy One With Tip-Over Protection

Tip-over protection turns the space heater off if it gets knocked over. You should also buy one that has overheat protection, which turns it off if its internal components get too hot.

Don’t Crowd It

You should keep a 3-foot space around your space heater. This includes furniture, drapes, rugs, bedding, and anything else that can catch fire.

Keep It on the Floor

Don’t place a space heater on a table, chair, or any other furniture. They’re only safe to use when sitting on the floor.

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