You’re in the right place if you need excellent and affordable HVAC services in Glen Allen, VA. At Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp., our NATE-certified technicians have the expertise to handle a variety of jobs. When your climate control system isn’t working properly, you can count on us to repair it. If you want to save money on your energy bills, upgrading the equipment might be your best option. We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer with an A+ BBB rating. As experts in the heating and cooling industry, we meet the high standards of the EPA and NCI. Let us install, fix, and maintain your units so that we can ensure your family’s comfort for years to come.

    Avoiding HVAC problems isn’t always possible, but you’ll be able to get prompt solutions with us in your corner. We’ve been serving Henrico County since 1954, tackling jobs right the first time. Whether we install your furnace or repair your AC system, you’ll be happy with our workmanship.

    Glen Allen Repair HVAC Services

    Is your climate control system failing to heat or cool your entire home? It might be doing this because it has a dirty filter or a worn-out component. A refrigerant leak can also reduce the unit’s effectiveness. Over time, internal parts deteriorate and malfunction due to general wear and tear. If we identify and address the underlying issue sooner rather than later, we can restore the unit to good working order. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore loud banging or any other sign of damage.

    Here are four common issues that require immediate attention:
    • Short cycling
    • No heat or cool air
    • Unusual smells
    • Increasing energy bills

    While your furnace is on the fritz, it isn’t safe to use. It can overheat and cause a fire, and it can contribute to IAQ issues. Your air conditioning unit can make matters worse if it leaks refrigerant. We understand this, so our technicians are ready to come to the rescue. Timely repairs make the biggest difference by preventing further damage to your HVAC system.

    Since heating and cooling problems can occur without warning, you’ll benefit from knowing experts who handle emergencies. We work around the clock just in case you need assistance in the middle of the night. If your HVAC system is only a few years old, it’s worth repairing. An accurate diagnosis and a thorough fix will produce good results.

    New AC and Furnace Installation

    Is your system becoming too unreliable or problematic? If it’s constantly breaking down when you need it the most, you should go ahead and invest in a replacement. A new air conditioner and heater will make it easy for you to create a pleasant indoor environment. Thanks to their excellent performance and efficiency, they will have no trouble counteracting the weather in every season. Plus, they’ll improve the air quality of your living space.

    Did you know that modern HVAC systems can help you lower indoor humidity levels? When running in cooling mode, they remove sticky and wet air as they properly ventilate the environment. This is why cutting-edge replacements can help you keep mold from growing and spreading in your Glen Allen home.

    Get Essential HVAC Maintenance

    HVAC maintenance is highly essential to your system’s longevity. If you want to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency, the best measure is to schedule regular tune-ups. Preventive work can stop minor issues from turning into costly problems. Furthermore, you can look forward to dealing with lower energy costs.

    Well-maintained equipment wastes less energy when it’s in use. If you allow us to optimize your air conditioner and furnace every year, you’ll also encounter fewer heating and cooling issues. We take a thorough approach and make careful adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

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