We offer comprehensive HVAC services to residents of Colonial Heights, VA. You can depend on our team to help you resolve any issue with your HVAC unit. From heat exchangers to evaporator coils, every HVAC system has components that require regular attention. If you believe your system needs an upgrade or requires a repair, consider requesting service from an HVAC technician.

    During routine service, a technician diagnoses the problem and provides the necessary fixes. In many instances, repairs are as simple as changing the air filter or cleaning the evaporator coil. However, your HVAC unit may need more extensive and time-consuming repair work depending on the problem. These services apply to furnace and air conditioning units alike.

    HVAC Services in Colonial Heights

    HVAC service includes everything from maintenance and repair work to installations. Even if an HVAC unit is functioning properly at the moment, maintenance is necessary to keep damage at bay. Maintaining a heating system or air conditioner involves inspecting it for issues and replacing anything that doesn’t work. Technicians also clean the unit to make sure it remains efficient when temperatures are at their most extreme. If your HVAC unit is no longer regulating your indoor temperature, the damage isn’t always severe. A common source of this issue is a coolant leak, which doesn’t require time-consuming repairs.

    Over time, parts in an HVAC unit may experience wear and tear. If the issue isn’t caught immediately, repairs may be necessary. Even if your HVAC unit is still producing hot or cold air, look for signs that the efficiency is worse. If you notice that your monthly energy bills are higher, this is often a sign that the system requires fixing. To identify if your HVAC system is the reason for your higher energy bills, rule out other possibilities. Are you using your home appliances more often? If not, your HVAC unit is likely the culprit. To avoid these problems worsening, we highly recommend that you obtain HVAC services as soon as you detect an issue.

    You’re able to determine if service is necessary by looking for specific signs.
    • No air flow
    • Frequent repairs
    • Loud and unusual sounds
    • Lower HVAC efficiency

    Customers often wonder if their furnace or air conditioning unit needs repairs or a replacement. If your system isn’t working properly, both options produce similar results. However, there are times when requesting HVAC service means replacing a unit instead of repairing it. For instance, if the damage is causing safety hazards, replacing it is likely the best option.

    The same is true if the HVAC unit is around 15-20 years old. Even with regular maintenance, all systems eventually need replacing. Consider the frequency of repairs as well. If you require repair work more often, it’s possible that replacing the unit altogether is more cost-effective. When the unit is still relatively new, repairing it is usually the right course of action.

    Your Trusted Furnace Services Provider

    The team at Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. knows how to handle all types of HVAC services for Colonial Heights homeowners. Every technician is NATE certified, which means they have the skills necessary to install, diagnose, and repair HVAC units. Even if the issue seems small and unimportant, it may reveal damage that requires a quick fix. Our repair work is available 24/7 if your HVAC unit won’t turn on.

    In our 70 years of existence, we’ve built a reputation for delivering high-quality services for all HVAC systems. The units we work on include geothermal heat pumps, central air conditioners, and furnaces. To ensure lasting results, we never cut corners or provide less than your system needs. We can help keep your indoor temperature comfortable year-round.

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