You and your family deserve consistent heating and cooling in your Cartersville, VA, home. To achieve that goal, you should be proactive about upkeeping your HVAC system with regular maintenance appointments with Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp.. We have a skilled team of technicians with years of experience who provide quality repair, installation, and maintenance services for any size home.

Signs You Need HVAC Repair

You might need to schedule a repair appointment for your heating or cooling system for several reasons. For example, you might notice a change in the airflow throughout your home. The goal of your HVAC is consistency, meaning every room in your home has the same temperature and humidity level. Airflow issues prevent the system from maintaining a consistent environment. A change in airflow can indicate an issue with a compressor that needs repairs.

One sign you need repair is when your monthly utility bills increase even when outside temperatures remain the same. Your system could be working overtime to provide comfort, and that strain on the unit can impact its overall effectiveness. You should also call if you notice strange noises or musty odors coming from your ducts when you turn on the thermostat.

If you notice unusual noises or smells, it is usually time to call us for repairs. Also, if you see more dust than usual in your home, it could mean that your air conditioning and heating ducts need to be resealed or replaced.

Heating and Cooling System Replacement

A typical air conditioner and furnace can last up to fifteen years, after which the unit can begin to show its age. One of the main reasons for replacing your heating and cooling system is that it can no longer function properly. However, replacing your system before it reaches this point could be beneficial. As the components wear down, the system loses energy efficiency, and you might also notice that it doesn’t get your home as warm or cool as you would like.

You should pay attention to how often you call a technician for repairs. If it is more than one visit within a year, you might find it more cost-effective to replace the unit altogether. This could also be true if you have an older system and are looking at a significant repair bill. If you opt for a replacement, you can upgrade your thermostat to a smart one. They can improve the convenience and energy efficiency of your whole system.

Maintenance for Your Cartersville HVAC

Being proactive with your heating and cooling maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your system and supports energy-efficient operation. It is a good idea to schedule a maintenance checkup at least once a year.

Here are some of the tasks that our technicians complete during a tune-up:
  • Replace dirty air filters
  • Clean and inspect system
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Flush any drain hoses

Regular maintenance can also prevent a sudden breakdown. During a maintenance visit, our technician may find parts that are failing or have excessive wear. Regular maintenance allows you to have these parts repaired or replaced before they cause a system failure.

If you need your cooling and heating systems repaired or maintained or a new unit installed, we can help. We have assisted Cartersville homeowners with all their air conditioning and heating needs since 1954. Call Daniel's Heating & Refrigeration Corp. to schedule an appointment today!