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    Bumpass HVAC Services and Repairs

    Older ACs are more likely than updated models to break down and need repairs. You may need to call a technician to check your compressor, find the refrigerant leak, or replace a busted capacitor. Fixing these problems fast will limit how far the damage spreads and keep your costs down. Common warning signs to watch out for include foul odors, a lack of cool air, visible exterior damage, and unexplained moisture.

    Furnaces and other heating systems also often have similar red flags, indicating they need service. You may smell rotten eggs, which can mean you have a carbon monoxide leak. Gas issues will usually impact your pilot light as well, causing it to change color or flicker. Don’t forget to watch out for huge increases in your monthly energy bills as well as decreased temperature control that leaves your family uncomfortable.

    Reliable Furnace and HVAC Installations

    Having to call for repairs more than once a year could mean your system is past its prime. Whether you have traditional central air and a furnace or a modern ductless system, most HVAC units last between 10 to 20 years on average. After they pass the 10-year mark, they’re at higher risk of developing structural and efficiency issues. All of their outdated parts will slowly fail, making it harder for the system to produce heating or cooling.

    Like many other homeowners, you may be reluctant to buy a modern HVAC system. However, it’s often the more cost-efficient choice to invest in one before your old model completely shuts down. Your outdated system will likely stop working during the peak of the season when temperatures reach record highs or lows. Rather than put your family’s comfort at risk, you can instead buy a new system and benefit from immediately improved comfort. You’ll be able to enjoy lower bills, fewer maintenance needs, and consistently reliable airflow. One of the best features of new HVAC systems is the warranty, which can cover some of your repair and part replacement costs.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Fortunately, you can keep your HVAC system running for as long as possible by scheduling expert annual maintenance. Preventative tune-ups will save you money, prevent expensive breakdowns, and reduce your energy consumption. In many cases, maintenance is a requirement for staying covered under your warranty. When technicians clean out the accumulated dirt, grime, hair, and dust, they’re effectively boosting your seasonal indoor air quality. Without as much airborne debris, you and your family will breathe and sleep easier.

    A tune-up every spring or fall will ensure your system can steadily produce and distribute your heating or cooling. Along with minimizing the chance of hot or cold spots, this also keeps you from struggling with excessive noisiness or odd odors. Finally, preventative care gives you peace of mind by safeguarding your property from HVAC emergencies. You never want to have to deal with a harmful gas leak or electrical issues.

    These are a few of the warning signs that you need HVAC maintenance.
    • Leaking refrigerant or water
    • AC blowing warm air
    • Energy bill spikes
    • Unusually frequent cycles

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