The Healthy Checklist For Your Home   (Print Brochure)

  1. Store volatile chemicals and cleaning products outside the home.
  2. Keep pet beds and litter boxes away from heating and cooling system vents.
  3. Run your heating or cooling system blower when vacuuming and keep vents unobstructed to keep airborne particulates from settling.
  4. Change your furnace filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Always run your bathroom fan during and after showering.
  6. Run your heating and cooling system blower to reduce condensation on windows.
  7. Use oven hood fans when boiling, poaching or baking foods.
  8. Run your heating or cooling system blower constantly to reduce hot or cold spots.
  9. Use ceiling fans to help increase circulation (with blades circulating air downward in winter and upward in summer).
  10. Keep heating and cooling system vents unobstructed by furniture or decorations.

What is Inhalant Abuse?

Inhalant abuse is the deliberate concentration and breathing of chemical vapors found in common household products to get high. Many parents are unaware of this form of substance abuse. Inhalants include any aerosol spray product, liquid products containing volatile solvents, and certain gases such as nitrous oxide, butane and freon. Most inhalants are extremely toxic to the body's organs. They can kill suddenly, even a first-time user. Inhalant use also can cause permanent brain damage, as well as damage to the muscles and organs. Inhalant use can become addictive. Kids use inhalants because they are cheap, available, legal and unrecognized by adults. They don't know the dangers of misusing inhalable products, because they are learning about inhalants from their peers, not from their parents or other adults.